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Welcome to the place for handcrafted signs in the Cape Cod tradition, featuring the highest quality dimensional carved and gilded signs for discriminating business, municipal and residential clients.

Bell In Hand Tavern, BostonWhether you are buying a sign for the first time or are an old hand at it, we’d like to set a new standard of efficiency, style, and satisfaction. Our goal is to produce a select body of award-winning, satisfying work that stands out and gets us both noticed – Us and You!

To do that, we strive to inform you of the benefits of good design and spend the necessary time to ensure our best creative energies have gone into proposing each and every job we do. That doesn’t mean a sign from us will be more expensive. On the contrary, a well designed and thought out sign saves money because it uses only the necessary square footage, materials, techniques, and bells-and-whistles needed to get the desired final effect so you can make the most efficient use of every production dollar. That’s the measure of true value.

How we work with you on a new sign project deserves a page of its own because it’s one of the more unique things about us (and we’re kind of proud of it.) Click on How We Sell for more information about what to expect. We’d love to discuss making your perfect sign!

If you’re still reading, we’ll close this introductory home page with a few more musings to consider: What is good design? a chat by Joe Rees, What is a custom sign? more of Joe’s ramblings, and “Signs and Your Business” a collaborative research paper by University of California San Francisco and Institute of Signage Research Palo Alto, CA.

That’s it – now go look at some pictures, think about what we can do for you, and drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you. THANKS so much for looking,