Meet Us

Once there were two – now it’s just Joe since my faithful partner Dick Clark retired…

Dick ClarkDick Clark… was an amazing hand-carver and he’ll not only be missed, but he is also irreplaceable. NOBODY does hand carving anymore and Dick’s retirement marks the end of an era in how things get done. It’s all CNC routing now and has been for decades really. We were some of the last holdouts but time marches on. Dick’s swinging golf clubs now a lot more than his chisels, enjoy yourself, buddy, and I’ll keep things going on this end.

Joe ReesJoe Rees… I’m doing it all myself now, but that’s not a bad thing. Because of the availability of CNC vendors who can take any file I throw at them and output a perfect result robotically, the design of things is more critical than ever and that’s exactly where I SHINE! Not to brag too much, but virtually ALL of the work portrayed on this site are original creations. After doing this since the 1980’s I’ve mastered the computer skills to match my creative eye, allowing me to take a client’s ideas, apply fundamental design principals, and transform them into solid, functional, practical plans. Backing all this up with the ability to broker the fabrication to the most qualified contractors gives me a new level of abilities far beyond trying to do everything in-house. It’s a new world.

What it takes to operate on Cape Cod – the Cape is literally an island, sliced off the mainland by the Cape Cod Canal, hanging out in the Atlantic ocean some 45 miles Southeast of Boston. The weather is temperate, the scenery is spectacular, and the business climate is “resort-seasonal”. Because much of the Cape is historic (think Pilgrims) most areas are tightly controlled in size and placement of signs, but because it’s also highly competitive for the tourist dollar, what signs are allowed MUST be top-notch, something special to catch the eye and initiate the impulse to stop and buy. In an era of bigger and cheaper, how refreshing to serve a clientele that requires smaller and better. And since high-style and high-quality make perfect companions we’ve geared our whole philosophy to just that – giving the best of our abilities. What a concept!

So even though this really small company is even smaller now, it’s still backed by a fabulous supporting cast of proven subcontractors and seasoned helpers as necessary, allowing us the flexibility to grow or shrink at will to accommodate almost any size job while staying competitive.  Large or small, one-piece or hundreds, local or across the world, if it’s carved or dimensional and you need it to be done right, we want to be part of it. Drop me your specs or if the project’s still in the planning stage let us help you get the ball rolling.  Email, text or call for prompt, experienced consultation. Cell 774-722-1222  / email

– Joe Rees