How We Sell

When we take on a new project our first goal is to learn what you wish to accomplish with the sign and familiarize ourselves with any special site conditions or permitting constraints. We’ll take notes, share samples, discuss sizes, and answer any questions you might have about signs. We will also discuss some budget guidelines at this first meeting – critical for steering you quickly into the right method of fabrication.

Then we begin the research and design phase. We must confirm that the sign you want will fit the town’s sign code, and if you are in a historic district, keep in mind the special restrictions and quirks of the committees that must grant approval.

If your project is complex, the design phase can take days or even weeks. When we feel we have some good solutions worked out, color layouts will be forwarded and discussed. Seeing those first layouts is usually very exciting as the quality of our files/printouts are very high and give an excellent visual representation of how the finished job will look. See Sample Printout.

Once finalized, that printout becomes our gospel! It is what we use to generate full sized shop patterns and color references. Great care is taken to follow the printout precisely in the production phase so the final product is exactly as we showed it. Our motto is “No Surprises”.

Even our contract will bear a likeness of the sign so it’s crystal clear to all which version of the design was final. See Sample Contract. Price, terms, dimensions and details about the job will be clearly shown. 

We think that’s a better way to do business. It takes longer to get all that paperwork in order, but boy does it save time and aggrivation in the long run. If you think this is a good way to do business too, we’d love to be involved in a sign project just for you!